updated on9/28/2015
Welcome To.....
Wayne County Misfits Car Club!
Howdy! and welcome to the home of the Misfits!
We are headquartered in the small town of Fairfield
Illinois which is located in the Southeastern part of the
state. We may be a "little" off of the beaten path (well
OK, maybe
WAY OFF), but we are also home to
some of the most "fun loving" and creative "car nuts" in
the midwest!
Our membership (now numbering over 80 strong!) hails from Wayne and the surrounding
counties. These members are a caring bunch and they annually donate to several local charities as
well as sponsor a scholarship for the Automotive Dept. at our local institution for "higher learning"
- Frontier Community College.
Our members are also a pretty savvy bunch & they discovered long ago that they needed some sort of hobby between the Spring plantin'
season & the first Winter snow. Several of em' had an old jalopy (or two) just sittin' around doubling as a chicken condo (or sumptin'
worse). These "diamonds-in-the-rough" were just sittin' there biding their time and wait'n (& probably beggin') for that shiny new fender, a
fresh coat of paint & maybe even a fire-breathing 500HP powerplant!!
So.....after carefully massaging some of those precious tin "diamonds" back to life, a few of our good ol' boys (and gals) were sittin' around
at the local drive-in one nite and SHAZAM!!....it hit em' (right between the universal joints!!) ....we ought' to form one of them car club things!!
Now 16 wonderful years later these fun loving "Misfits" still show up at the area meets and
dining establishments in everything from custom street rods and classic muscle cars to some
of the finest "future classics" that the automobile world has to offer.
So....the next time you're in the area and see a timeless classic, pull in for a chat &
who knows, you might discover that there just may be a little "Misfit" in you to!!
Wayne County Misfits Car Club | Fairfield, IL
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